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  Designers Molly Matthews and Jim Denz joined forces in 2001 after meeting each other at a mutual client's home. Jim had been hired to design a new landscape and Molly was working wonders inside the home. They hit it off immediately after realizing how much their skills and abilities were so similar. They both have an uncanny ability to take what is and improve it both visually and functionally. It really is a passion with them and you can tell that the minute you meet them. 
  Over the years they've honed their skills even further and their extensive list of clients has benefitted greatly. Jim and Molly's design philosophy centers around "wrapping" yourself in a theme or style. The minute anyone steps onto your walkway, reaches your front entry, enters your home, and then reaches the backyard, they should feel invited and with a sense of harmony. Good use of basic principles of good design allow Molly and Jim to make vast improvements in living areas of the home, inside and out, sometimes with little invested. Their clients come from many backgrounds as would be expected here in the Bay Area and Jim and Molly love this diversity. 
  Las Palmas Design's portfolio consists of an array of new patios, walkways, arbors, outdoor rooms, fountains, gorgeous rolling lawns, sophisticated interior and exterior home color choices, and, of course, fantastically unique and elegant landscapes. 
  Jim is a member of the International Palm Society, The Palm Society of Southern California, and the Northern California Palm Society. There are links below to these organizations. 
  Give Jim or Molly a call or write an e-mail to arrange for a consultation (usually free) and he or she will get back to you quickly.  
Picture below is of a recent landscape completion in Los Altos, CA 

After our landscaping project

Connecticut full range flagstone


For more pictures of some of our work, please use this link to our Facebook page.

The International Palm Society Forum

The Palm Society of southern California

The Northern California Palm Society



The home pictured to the left before landscaping